Would Harriet Tubman Choose You?

The Dilemma

     In her efforts to free Black slaves from plantations, Harriet Tubman had to be cautious of White people who were proponents of slavery and avoid being captured or killed by slave catchers. She also had to be careful about approaching Black slaves and develop the ability to determine which of them she could lead to freedom. There were many Black slaves eager to leave the harrowing life suffered on a plantation but it was still difficult for Tubman to decide who she could trust with her identity and her mission then pass on the information to other trustworthy Black slaves. Although there were many Black slaves who wanted their freedom, there were many more Black slaves who had conformed to their condition and so loyal to their captors that they would gladly tell on Black slaves planning to escape and help capture Tubman to be regarded favorably by their White masters.

     African-Americans who support political parties are constantly proclaiming to Blacks that their party of choice is of greater benefit to them than any of the other parties. However, as African-Americans promote the political process is the way to make change it is very apparent that politicians are not concerned with making change for Black people. A selective position and being highly distinguished in their political party seems to be the objective for those African-Americans rather than fighting inside their  political party for the issues of Black people. They are constantly in the media professing they are fighting for the rights of Blacks but each election many Blacks are denied their rights to vote. There is never an intent to build a path in these perspective parties to provide Blacks an access to  political power.

     Blacks are speaking out against injustice, disenfranchisement, and bigotry but still carry on  practices that continue their oppression. During slavery, Black slaves were forced to observe and participate in the traditions and holidays of their White masters. It was looked upon as a day off from work by many Black slaves but those Black slaves who had an affinity to  their White masters claimed these celebrations as their own over time. This belief has been passed on through the generations of Blacks who ignore or do not have the knowledge of significant events in their history and continue to celebrate the holidays of their “masters” because they get a paid day off from work.

    For Black people to move forward, they have to start identifying Blacks who are trustworthy and can pass on information to other viable Blacks and stay away from African-Americans who do the “master’s bidding.” A realization that assessments of character will be more beneficial than a broad approach to include and accept all Black people. An advancement will be made easier by committed Blacks who are focused on the same objective. There should not be time and energy wasted on trying to change the minds of African-Americans who try to cause dissent and confusion and should be ignored. This may be difficult for many Blacks but with the mindset of their great ancestor they can deal with the dilemma of making the decision on Blacks by asking the question, “Would Harriet Tubman choose you?”


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